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Artist’s Biography –

Self-taught artist, Greg Beebe, found his true calling in the art world by creating spontaneous and thought provoking abstract works of art, sometimes leaving the personal message for the viewer to discover…

A global finance entrepreneur for most of his career, Beebe uses his strategic mind to leave you thinking about what you are truly seeing. Always driven by color, Beebe’s earlier mediums of expression were simply spray painting graffiti street art, cartooning as well as sketching free hand imagery from just his raw natural skill. 

Then, committed to traveling all over the world for business, many doors were opened up to Beebe and he was able to experience different cultures as well as diversity in the global art world. His tastes matured to more abstract works, inspired by artists such as Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol. Their vibrant spectrum of random color and imagery gave Beebe a true focus and foundation for his own personal style that we see today.

Over the next few years Beebe’s focus would evolve from just abstract with oil and acrylic to now adding heavy layers of mixed media and spray paints to figurative forms and landscapes. His most recent exploration introduces his classic abstract style, and mixed media usage to iconic photographs and sculptures. Beebe’s somewhat chaotic evolution of expression seem to carry forward now in each masterpiece that suites a varied audience. His goal is to seek enjoyment of perplexity for many tastes through subliminal messages and use of intense color and textures.

Greg Beebe has been commissioned as well as sold to domestic and international collectors and embraces philanthropic organizations to donate his personal works of art.

Artist’s Statement –

Greg Beebe is a self -taught Miami based artist and entrepreneur.

Inspired by pioneering contemporary artists, Beebe’s unique style brings to life a mixture of abstract expressionism, pop and graffiti street art and introduces a multitude of mediums ranging from sculptured objects, cement, iconic photographs, acrylics, spray paints, glitter and glass. With a mind that is driven by diversity, Beebe is always looking for new ways to inspire himself and his followers. Whether it be through subliminal message or use of intense color combinations, heavy textures or unusual mediums, he looks to bring a piece to vibrant life and often times the message is left for the viewer to find.