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Blood, Sugar, Sex Magik

$5,000.00 / Coming Soon

The piece leverages the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Blood, Sugar, Sex Magik" album with subject matter including the infamous Betty Boop wearing the vintage Mickey Mouse Sorcerer hat ("Sex" and "Magik"), adorned with various Betty Boop and other quotes. In addition, Betty Boop stands next to a bloodied skull ("Blood") which indicates she's been on a hunt, the cash surrounding the skull indicates what exactly she was hunting. The base of this piece is made from actual sugar packets collected from various locations in Europe ("Sugar").
Materials: Collage materials, acrylic, spray paint, sugar packets (source: throughout Europe), photograph, resin) on canvas. Mixed media on canvas and resin finish.
Measurements: 48in x 48in x 1.5in
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