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The King and Queen


This piece calls to light the issue of global warning and general disregard we've had on the climate. The comparison is made human vs. animal by using penguins as the main focus as these are the only non human species believed to feel love. The goal of the piece is to humanize the couple which is accomplished via human based accessories (shoes, purses) to show the viewer the gap between human and animal isn't great enough to rationalize our behavior. The base of the piece consists of several global warming based news articles and environmental based quotes. The King and Queen concept (i.e. the two individuals which are the most protected and respected by the world's they rule) portrayed by the crowns symbolizes the importance of saving these two simple vulnerable individuals as the impact on the greater world and its existence by not caring for them could be catastrophic.
Materials: Collage materials including street posters from Wynwood Miami, acrylics, spray paints, rhinestones on wood board and resin cover.
Created in 2018
Measurements: 24in x 24in x 0.75in
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